Deservingness in Classical Music

Many think Blacks don’t deserve to be in classical music, including us.

Brandon Keith Brown at Berlin’s Konzerthaus

Resumes of Musical Membership

Whole notes: The White Center

Conforming to classical music’s white supremacy keeps whites comfortable. It’s an art form in and unto itself.

Peabody’s White Texas

Deservingness Isn’t Competency

racism […] makes success attainable for even unexceptional Whites, while success, even moderate success, is usually reserved for extraordinary Black people. — Dr. Ibram X. Kendi in How To Be An Anti-Racist

Deservingness Corrodes In-group Solidarity

I am Deserving

Neda Navaee Photographer

Prize-Winning Stick Waver/Slinger of Sounds| Speaker | Educator | ARTivist. Engineering Society from the Podium |

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