Smile for White Supremacy No More

Brandon Keith Brown/Neda Navaee photographer

White people must now smile for us

Smile to make us comfortable around you. Granting us cultural membership doesn’t pose a threat to your survival, yet hegemonies continue to kill and marginalize minorities. White terrorism is most prolific. Who is to say you won’t choose upon whim to enslave (again), lynch, murder, rape, steal, plague, falsely accuse/imprison/execute, deny jobs and opportunities, or fire us at anytime?

My smile is a gift

I share my smile by choice. You are not entitled to it. It is powerful. It is a privilege to be earned. It is a gift. My smile is a temporary silent grant of trust to you for my physical and emotional safety, not a circus trick to be performed at your beckoning. Take care of it. When you see it, a mask gnarled by racism, micro-aggressions, a lifetime of daily assaults on dignity, and a history of involuntary servitude is cautiously grinning back at you. Be blessed.

Brandon Keith Brown/Neda Navaee photographer
Haydn Symphony №82, 4th movement, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

Prize-Winning Stick Waver/Slinger of Sounds| Speaker | Educator | ARTivist. Engineering Society from the Podium |

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